Will Military Force Covid Vaccine?

There is growing concern the US government is planning mandatory coronavirus (covid 19) vaccinations.  President Trump in a recent news conference raised eyebrows when he said “The military is all lined up and is going to be doing it in a very powerful manner.” Trump said the generals would be getting the vaccines to the most representative of populations.

We cannot afford to trust the US government to deliver a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine because of their past history of genocide using vaccination and medication programs. The US government has a long history of deceit when it comes to the treatment of black and brown people.  The Indians were handed blankets containing small pox that resulted in many of their population dead. The Tuskegee Experiment allowed black men to go untreated with syphilis resulting in the men, their wives and offspring contracting and spreading deadly disease.  

Cristiane Northrop, author of several medical journals said in a recent appearance on the Oprah Show “I believe this vaccine is designed to cull the human race”. When medical professionals and so many others are expressing such concerns and doubts about the covid 19 vaccine we should take heed. We can not afford to follow the guidance of the US government or its majicians at the CDC, World Health Organization and self-proclaimed wizards such as Bill Gates. When it comes to covid 19 they’re like unto Pharaoh and his army chasing the children of Israel and then drowning in the red sea.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned us to take precautions against the coronavirus (covid 19) during his “Criterion” message delivered July 4th. The Honorable Minister Farrakhan called on our own scientists, virologists, and epidemiologist saying,. “We can not let them bring anything to us that we don’t disect”. “Don’t you take a vaccine unless you say to our people we’ve checked it out and you better be of the truthful ones.”


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