Vaccine Mistrust in America

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The issue of covid19 will continue to divide the people of America in the way of – to trust or not to trust the government and the pharmaceutical industry. The pro vaccine protagonist have the media , public figures , and propaganda to promote its theme. The establishment uses censorship to prevent the counterargument of the experimental vaccine.

July 4, 2020, the leader of the Nation of Islam delivered insight, information and proceeded to issued a declaration concerning COVID19. The Hon. Louis Farrakhan stated emphatically “Mr. Dershowitz if you bring the vaccine and say you’re going to bring your army to force us to take it, once you try to force us, thats a declaration of war on all of us. You have this one life fight like hell to keep it..”

This effort was followed up by a most important and powerful plenary session: COVID19 THE VIRUS AND THE VACCINE, at the NOI’s annual Saviour’s Day convention. Present were a host of doctors such as Judy Mikovits, Andrew Kaufman. Professor Delores Cahil, activist Rizza Islam were also amongst the guest exposing the unproven safety and effectiveness of an experimental vaccine. Robert Kennedy’s documentary was shown and is available to view at: Do you consider yourself to be well informed on the virus and the vaccine to know which side to trust? Does the history of blacks and vaccines justify an interpretation of war ?

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