Vaccine Hesitancy Rates Remain Unchanged for White Republicans

According to a recent CIVIQS poll, vaccine hesitancy rates are highest among White Americans, Republicans to be exact. Red states like Wyoming, North Dakota and Mississippi have some of the highest rates of vaccine refusal while blue states such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut have some of the lowest rates.

In February, 55% of White Republicans say they don’t plan to get the vaccine when it is made available to them. Many of those polled, cited concerns about vaccine side effects and a sense that there was a rush to put it on the market.

The reluctancy rates were highest among those of any demographic group. When asked before the election, 78% of Republicans had faith in then-President Trump, compared to 7% of Democrats, one Harvard analysis found.

During an address during a Saviours’ Day Covid 19 plenary session, THMLF said that, “We don’t really need a vaccine, we need more vitamin D.” Do you believe that Satan is concerned about vaccinating you?”

NNV News Blog Writer Sister Danielle X Wheeler


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