UN High Human Rights Commissioner probing racial violence in America as a world study.

The death of George Floyd has seemingly launched a Worldwide investigation into racial violence in America, it was brought up to the council by his Brother as he pleaded with the leaders of the United Nations to help black people in America.

Marjorie Cohn of Consortium News Reports, “Shortly after the public lynching of George Floyd, the U.S. Human Rights Network and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) organized an international coalition of more than 600 organizations and individuals to urge the United Nations Human Rights Council to convene a commission of inquiry to investigate systemic racism and police brutality in the United States.”

Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, addressed the Council by video, stating, “You in the United Nations are your brothers’ and sisters’ keepers in America.” He implored the UN, “I’m asking you to help us — Black people in America.”

“However, the Trump administration lobbied heavily against this investigation, objecting to limiting the inquiry to the U.S. The Council subsequently declined a request by a group of African countries within the Council to establish the inquiry commission. “The outcome is a result of the pressure, the bullying that the United States did, assisted by many of its allies,” said Jamil Dakwar, the ACLU’s human rights program director.”

“But the Council did task the High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet with preparing a report by June 2021 on “systemic racism, violations of international human rights law against Africans and people of African descent by law enforcement agencies, especially those incidents that resulted in the death of George Floyd and other Africans and people of African descent, to contribute to accountability and redress for victims.”

We’ve suffered much in our sojourn here in America and it seems as though the UN is finally taking notice, but I fear it may be too late. Minister Farrakhan and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us, that she has earned God’s wrath for her treatment of God’s chosen people, her judgment is upon us, and until she repents then she will continue to suffer.

NNV Writer Hasan Ali


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