To Boycott is To give The Poor A Voice

In his book THE TORCHLIGHT FOR AMERICA, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan states, “The wealthy and the privileged in this society, who have benefitted most from the federal debt, corporate restructurings and plant relocations, are charged with representing the poor. Can they adequately represent the poor?” So on economic withdrawal, Dr. Martin Luther King said, “we don’t need any bricks and bottles (or any) Molotov cocktails. We just need to go around to these stores. And say -God sent us by here to say to you that you’re not treating his children right.” His suggestion to withdraw our spending power was heard.

In 1880 Capt. Charles C. Boycott raised the rent , inhumanely evicting his tenants in Ireland. The community united and refused to pay rent or cooperate with Mr. Charles in any way, this forced him to depart. In the mid to late 1950’s a 13 month protest caused the Supreme Court of the United States to intervene. The “Bathroom Bill” of North Carolina, which detailed how transgendered people had to use the restroom according to the birth certificate gender designation, called PayPal and the NCAA to intervene. These giant entities boycotted the State to get an overturn on the bill. We see the power in unity and corporations.

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan again shares with us, “By helping ourselves we solve our own problems..”. His words echo the call to “Do for Self” from his teacher TMH-Elijah Muhammad. The pooling of resources in the community to do for self with the support of black business is a way to “solve our own problems”. We could fulfill prophecy, “..they shall repair the wasted cities..”. To redirect black spending to black business’ in the black community is a great beacon of hope, and blazes a path to end poverty and want. Economic withdrawal also infers intellectual and talent withdrawal. In the nature of business this is war, maybe that’s why one side has no voice and the other insists on doing the talking.

NNVNews Blog writer Stacy


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