The White birth rates continuously decline.

“The Caucasian people are a dying species on our planet. Their womb cannot produce anymore so they are trying to destroy the darker people of our planet. – 
Student Minister Ishmael, the national representative of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan lifted these troubling statistics about the birth rate of women in Europe.  The average total fertility rate in the European Union (EU-27) is calculated at 1.55 children per woman in 2018. France had the highest TFR in 2018 among EU countries at 1.88, followed by Romania and Sweden (1.76), Ireland (1.75), and Denmark (1.73). Malta had the lowest TFR in 2018 among EU countries at 1.23. As their birthrates decline and the birth rate of black and Hispanic Americans continues to climb, there is a great fear among whites today.
The Government has listed Depopulation as one of the highest forms of foreign policy. So, it is all ever so clear now, this is survival for them. The white woman can no longer birth children as she once could because her body cannot withstand it. Their population is diminishing, and as we are taught by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that they’re a grafted people and they were not made to live very long. So today every precaution is being taken to hinder the black man and woman’s ability to reproduce. The food we eat, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, water, etc. The purpose is ultimately to reduce our population because they know that as a people, they are dying off. Knowing this we have to take precautions to save ourselves from an untimely demise.


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