The U.S. has secret evidence of UFOs breaking the sound barrier.

The United States Government has been known to hide things and lie to its citizens. When it comes to the phenomenon of U.F. O’s (Unidentified Flying Objects), they’ve been especially careful with the information they allow to be exposed to the public. For decades people have claimed to have seen these crafts, and there are thousands of videos on social media and abroad to validate their existence. Sightings occur nearly every year.  The Government surely studies these objects and keeps most of the data they find under wraps. The public is often kept in mystery, but some of us know the truth. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us about the reality of these objects that have been identified as Wheels. They’re Human-driven planes that have been engineered by scientists who have a knowledge of science of mathematics far beyond our understanding.
The Government hides this from the public.” reports on their findings. US has ‘secret evidence of UFOs breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom and performing moves humans don’t have the technology for’, says Trump’s Director of National Intelligence.”
“In December a 180-day deadline was announced for a report into UFO sightings. The Pentagon and intelligence agencies must release their report by June 1.”
“John Ratcliffe, former DNI, said there were more sightings than publicly known. Ratcliffe said the observations were made by Navy and Air Force pilots.”
“They were recorded by ‘multiple sensors’ and had no obvious explanation. The incidents included supersonic travel without a sonic boom.”
“Ratcliffe said it was in the public interest that the information is released.”
The Government has an abundance of research on these wheels, as the sightings become more frequent, the public will then begin to know the reality of these so-called Unidentified Objects. They now have been identified.
NNV Writer Hasan Ali


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