The Spirit of Atonement

Oct 16th will the be 25th Anniversary of the Holy Daye of Atonement. I believe it is especially important to reflect on these 8 Steps that were given to us by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Step 1 is to point out the wrong

Step 2 is to acknowledge the wrong

Step 3 is to confess the fault

Step 4 is repentance

Step 5 is atonement

Step 6 is forgiveness

Step 7 is reconciliation and restoration, and the

8th step is the perfect your union with God.

By following these 8 steps we can heal the divide within our communities, establish a mutual love for one another, and ultimately strengthening the Brother and Sisterhood. These steps of Atonement are ultimately established to strengthen our unity, and to end the unnecessary bickering that we have amongst ourselves today.

So, if we continue to reflect on the 8 steps when dealing with one another we can begin to make much more progress than we are today, the necessary violence could end and we can reconnect with ourselves and God.

Let us all Atone Family as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has instructed us.

Hasan Ali NNV Writer


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