Many have circulated the notion that black women are the most disrespected and unprotected segment of society. Others suggest that women are the least examined and given ‘passes’ on their rude behaviour. Past history shows us the machanics of the manufactured disrespect and victimization of black womanhood. Modern times shows us the latter.

The silent crime of aggression in intimacy and family dynamic goes unreported a lot of the time. In June of 2014 TIME MAGAZINE pulished and article on “The Suprising Truth about Women and Violence” , acknowledging family violence is not a gender issue. Remember Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in the elevator, her sisters husband. We may know a single mother and her stress & frustration resulting in child maltreatment. Potential incidents like these go unreported. Patricia Pearson, 1997 book: WHEN SHE WAS BAD: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence, confirms the 40 years controversy since 1975 NATIONAL FAMILY VIOLENCE SURVEY.

More severe than whats already been stated is the quiet storm of sexual abuse towards black women. Young girls today are adultified and objectified in their early years. Over sexualized depictions of black women have been occurring since the early 15th century. Today the society is desensitized to the half naked , porn-esque display throughout social media and music. In 2012 the organization RIGHTS 4 GIRLS released a report that in the Oregon justice system 76% of women in jail were survivors of sexual abuse by 13 yrs old. This occured at a rate over 80% in South Carolina. One out of 15 girls report their rape.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad insists in the way of self respect, “This first step is the CONTROL and PROTECTION of our own women.”

Does the black community elevate its “strippers” and onlyfans “stars” to the level of role model? HipHop went from “gangsta rap” to “slut rap”, is the consumer responsible? Is the artist to blame? Why isn’t it safe for women to report rape ?

NNV News Blog Writer Stacy


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