The Gift of Home Ownership

Avee-Ashanti Shabazz is a black father who has social media buzzing about his recent facebook post gifting his 13 year old daughter Ajala Shabazz with her own house.  Shabazz has put a positive spotlight on black fatherhood by taking steps to ensure the financial security of his child.

Home ownership is probably the best investment a parent can pass down to their child.  According to Dionne Thomas, Atlanta’s Real Estate Queen “It’s a great financial investment”.  “If you purchase a home for your child, within only 7 years you would be looking at a property that holds equity which could be used to purchase more real estate.”  

Ashanti Shabazz made one of the best decisions a father could make to positively impact his child’s life and create generational wealth.  In his facebook post, he writes  “This was not random, it was planned.”  “This marks the beginning of a family tradition where every Shabazz will be gifted with a house on their 13th B’earthday and taught to build it into multiple properties before they are legal adults”.

Shabazz has given his daughter a headstart on becoming financially independent. With his gift of homeownership Ashanti Shabazz handed his daughter a key to unlock financial success.  His child will get hands-on experience on how to effectively manage real estate, tenant management, property maintenance and other valuable lessons to build wealth and achieve financial independence. 


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