The brilliance of Tuskegee and the horror of the Tuskegee experiments

The Historic Black College known as Tuskegee University is a symbol of black excellence and suffering at the same time. Founded by one of our great black educators, Mr. Booker T Washington. Among the great alumni was also George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks was also born in this small town, it was also home to the Tuskegee airmen and many other great giants of black history. But one of the worst and most lethal events that plagued black America, was also the Tuskegee Experiments. According to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in part 33. Of the Time and what Must be done. This is where population control experiments had begun, black men were injected with the most lethal form of syphilis and were given the freedom to fraternize and cohabitate with black women, spreading this virus even further.
They were brought to Tuskegee and given this injection in which they had no knowledge of no cure was given to treat it. They were only administered placebo for what they contracted. We have been told that population control was government policy and that the U.S. Government wants to cull the population of the planet earth. The Tuskegee Experiments went on for 40 years. This is what we call genocide, and this is also why we cannot trust them with any vaccination because we know their history. So, since we know who we are dealing with, then how can we trust them to cure us of COVID-19 with this new vaccine? These men, about 600 of them who had never visited a doctor were lured in on the promise of free healthcare but were injected with a disease that they did not have a cure for at the time.
Their history is as clear as day and we must research in order to keep ourselves from falling victim to this once again.
NNV Writer Hasan Ali


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