Study shows that most COVID-19 Patients are Vitamin D deficient

CTV News reports this brand new study, “TORONTO — More than 80 per cent of COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Spain had a vitamin D deficiency, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University Hospital Marques de Valdecilla in Santander, Spain looked at the vitamin D levels of 216 patients admitted to hospital for coronavirus treatment between March 10 and March 31.

For the study, the 216 hospitalized patients’ vitamin D levels were compared to those of a control group of 197 people of similar age and sex from a population-based cohort in the same geographical area.”

The diet The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad prescribed for us in his book “How to Eat to Live”, would prevent any deficiencies or lack of nutrients. We have been taught to stay away from foods that would cause us to experience the underlying conditions that could make us susceptible to disease. Elijah Muhammad once again stands corrected once again.

Hasan Ali NNV Writer


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