Studies Show People With Severe Cases Of COVID-19 Had Lower Levels of Vitamin D

Studies Show People With Severe Cases Of COVID-19 Had Lower Levels of Vitamin D 1 20210306 045244 1

There have been numerous scientific studies and published papers on the benefits of taking vitamin D. According to a 2020 study by Mercola, Grant, and Wagner people with severe cases of COVID-19 had low levels of vitamin D. The study revealed that “Vitamin D deficiency co-exists in patients with COVID-19.” The findings of a Spanish study showed that there were benefits in taking supplemental vitamin D3 in COVID-19 patients. The NOIResearch Group posted information about the Spanish study on its twitter page @NOIResearxh.

The Spanish study reported that hospitalized COVID-19 patients who were given supplemental vitamin D3 reduced ICU admissions by 82 percent. The Spanish study found that in hospitalized COVID-19 patients mortality was reduced by 64 percent when given supplemental Vitamin D3. An article in the sited several studies and their findings showing the benefis of vitamin D. The article explained that Calcifediol is the metabolized version of vitamin D in our bodies.

Several studies found that among COVID-19 patients who were treated with Calcifediol there were no deaths. There were less ICU admitted patients “as compared to 2 deaths and 50 percent admitted to ICU for those not treated”. Having adequate levels of vitamin D in the body protects a person from respiratory infections.  Children with lower levels of Vitamin D are 11 times more likely to get respiratory infections than those who have sufficient levels. Getting adequate amounts of vitamin D through sun or supplement is a way to improve the health of your immune system.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned us during “The Criterion” message and his recent remarks at the African/Black Leadership Summit. “Blacks don’t need a Pfizer vaccine, they need healthy food, proper medical treatment, vitamin D and the healing properties of the sun”, said Honorable Minister Farrakhan according to an article in

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