Stand Firm and Refuse The COVID Experimental Vaccine

Do not allow yourself to be experimented on. The COVID-19 vaccine is an experimental vaccine and no one should be forced or peer pressured into taking it. There’s thousands of reports of people contracting the virus after receiving the vaccine, having miscarriages, an increased rate of heart attacks, and people dying after having their vaccine shot.

Employers, universities, and other institutions are trying hard to require everyone to be vaccinated. No institution should be more important than you and your family’s health. You have a right to refuse the vaccination and let everyone know that it’s experimental. Mandating that an individual must be vaccinated in order to work or attend school is a violation of federal law. Institutions should not be allowed to mandate vaccinations and individuals should not be required to take it. 

Any individual who works or attends school at an institution that is mandating that the vaccine be take taken can let the institution know the following statement:

“This serves as notice that the requirement for any individual to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for employment or participation at a university or other institution violates federal law. All COVID-19 vaccines are merely authorized, not approved or licensed, by the federal government; they are Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. They merely “may be effective.”

You can visit to download the letter. 

Always stand firm on what you believe in and do not allow this world to influence you into taking something that is harmful to your body and health. We only get one life and we should fight as hard as we can to keep it. Protect you and your family against this vaccine and don’t take it. 

NNV News Blog Writer Sister Tynnetta R. Muhammad


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