Some Health Experts, Big Airlines Predicting That COVID Vaccines Will Be Mandatory

Columbia University School of Public Health Dr.W. Ian Lipkin said during a recent appearance on MSNBC that he believes the COVID-19 vaccine should be mandatory. .More and More Public health experts and big corporations are predicting that the US government will mandate COVID-19 vaccinations, according to  You may soon not be able to get a passport or drivers license without the proof of COVID vaccination.

The US government is planning to have COVID-19 vaccines ready for distribution by next week, reports.  Operation Warp Speed head Dr. Moncef Slaoui in a statement to CNN said “The first Americans will be able to actually get the vaccination on December 12”.

Some health experts have been evaluating various incentives to encourage the population to get vaccinated . Talk of a pay incentive heightens suspicion and raises the question.  Why would the government pay people to take a vaccine?   Some officials have recommended fines and restrictions against those not vaccinated. Among those identified to recieve the first vaccine shipments include health care workers and nursing home elderly.. Government officials are hoping that once the COVID-19 vaccines become widely available, the public will voluntarily take it. 

Under the restricted access scenario only those who carry proof of a COVID-19 vaccination could access work, school, grocery stores, banks or other populated areas. According to “these possible mandates could first be directed towards health and front line workers”. “Then likely school-aged children and those who work in schools would be next.”

Some government officials suggest proof of vaccination would be in an electronic “digital passport” that some governments and airlines already reportedly have in development.   Australian Airlines and Qantas have said they may be requiring international flyers to show proof they have been vaccinated for COVID.  Qantas CEO said “that’s a necessity.”


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