Remembering Justice or Else, 5 years later.

Justice or Else was the 20th Anniversary of the Historic Event known as the Million Man March. Minister Farrakhan called on 1 million Blackmen that day to march on Washington and nearly 2 million showed up.

20 years later, Minister Farrakhan held the Justice or Else rally on Washington, to demand justice for the oppressed peoples of North America.

Talk about Christ, “the good shepherd.”  Talk about him, “the true vine.”  Talk about him who said, “I am the resurrection and the life, even though you are dead if you believe in me yet shall you live again.”  And that isn’t talking about any bodies in the cemetery.  That is talking about a man with a Word in his mouth that can raise you from the condition that you’re in. 

“On ‘10.10.15’ let’s show the world Our Unity”

On America’s grandest stage, oppressed people of all Nationalities converged on the Nations capitol to show the power of unity, and the spirit of the March was still alive then, as it is today. 25 years later, the fight for Freedom, Justice and Equality continues as the spirit of the march is resurrected through our remembrance of that historic day in Black History.

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