Haitian Protestors Demonstrate Disputed Term And Arrest Of Opposition

On Sunday thousands of people gathered in Haiti to protest after denouncing support for President Jovenel Moise. The protestors blame the government of Haiti for attempting to establish a new dictatorship.  The protestors marched through the Haitian capital city Port-au-Prince chanting “Down with the dictatorship”.  The protest march was mostly peaceful until police clashed with demonstrators and fired tear gas and rubber-coated bullet into the crowd.  The protestors were demonstrating the Haitan president for targeting judges according to @madanboukman.

The opposition was in dispute as to when the president’s term of office is supposed to end. The protestors want Moise to step down immediately as his five-year term in office expired on February 7 following a disputed 2015 election.  After the election was disputed the result was cancelled by the electoral council. The demonstrators blamed the president and have disputed his term of office.  

Haitian officials loyal to President Moise claimed that they foiled an attempted murder plot against the president.  The Haitian government officials claim there was a murder plot and attempted coup by those who want to overthrow the government. A Haitian supreme court judge and others were implicated in the plot and arrested by police.  23 people were charged with an “attempted coup”.

The government has been operating by presidential decree for more than a year after dissolving a majority of parliament in January 2020. The political climate and protests were blamed for the election delay. The U.S. has urged Haiti to hold elections, but agreed President Moise should remain in office until 2022  The U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said “a new elected president should succeed President Moise when his term ends on February 7, 2022”.  Sheila Pelicier, a protestor stated “Despite all the kidnappings, the massacres in poor neighbourhoods, the United States continues to support him”.

NNV News Blog Writer Sister Rose Morris


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