People Offered Different Vaccines Depending On Their Skin Color

Allen Pan, a designer of various vaccine prototypes, inadvertently showed on camera that the vaccine industry offers different vaccines for people depending on their skin color. Pan asks his dark-skinned camerawoman, Shani to take a vaccine. Skeptical of vaccines, Shani said she didn’t feel comfortable letting someone put a needle in her arm, expecially after the government’s treatment of Blacks during the Tuskegee Experiments.

Ultimately Shani agreed to receive an influenza vaccine and thats when they discovered startling facts. Pan was the first to be vaccinated at the pharmacy located in Beverly Hills. “When it was time for Shani to receive hers, the pharmacist pulled out a different vaccine just for blacks” according to Shani rejected the black vaccine and told the pharmacist to give her “the good one.” Pan is heard on camera commenting, “weird”. “They’ve got to be different” said Shani. She continued, “You’d better include this in the video that they tried to give me a different type of vaccine”.

Allen Pan’s video draws attention to the fact that “a person’s race or ethnic background determines whether he or she could receive a different vaccine than the one someone else receives.” Medical establishments are not vaccinating everyone equally. It isn’t just “weird”, its down right sinister.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said “Don’t let them vaccinate you”. His message, “The Criterion” was a warning to the entire world. National Assistant, Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad’s message “America’s Wicked Plan” reminds us of the government’s depopulation agenda. National Spokesperson, Student Minister Dr. Ava Muhammad informed us of “COVID-19 and Our Independence”. National Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad’s message “Beyond Tuskegee, Why Black People Must Not Take The Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine” reveals the origin of the COVID-19 virus, who”s responsible, and the military technology behind the virus and vaccine.


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