People are now calling for public ownership of seeds.

During this pandemic, a shortage of food and empty shelves has had shoppers on high alert. Most people are recognizing the danger in letting big corporations own the seeds. This ultimately means that the big market companies control the entire industry of seeds. Kenny Stancil of Common Dreams reports, “A growing number of people around the world are calling for the public ownership of seeds, which they say is essential for a more democratic and ecologically sound food system, as the coronavirus-driven spike in empty supermarket shelves and the continued loss of biodiversity this year sparked a rise in the popularity of saving and swapping seeds and shed more light on the negative consequences of allowing a handful of agrochemical corporations to dominate the global seed trade.”

What happens when the shortage reaches an all-time high, then you cannot rely on your local produce store? Minister Farrakhan has taught us that famine is one of the plagues that America will be stricken with and now we see the beginning of it. Therefore, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us to do for ourselves, we must store food in our homes, we must use our land to grow our own fruits and vegetables. This is what we must do in order to survive what is coming next. So, owning our own seeds isn’t such a bad idea.

“Four companies have gained oligopolistic control over more than two-thirds of commercial seed and pesticide sales, while decimating the innovative contribution of public sector researchers and threatening the 12,000-year-old right of peasants to breed, save, and exchange their seeds.”
—Pat Mooney, ETC Group”

NNV Writer Hasan Ali


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