The Bible itself shows the decline in life span in correlation to the “new man” and the “new world”. Today , this “worldly” lifestyle of processed food and drugs(e.g. medicine) has taken its toll on life expectancy. The most effected or the one who appears last in all statistical analysis is the Black man. (Some sources use a “rapid calculation” for current data showing same disparities)

Black Demographics(.com) as of 2016 list the black man’s life expectancy at 71.5 years, less than his counterpart ,the white male at 72.2 years and the black woman at 77.9 years. Some charge this to the fact of the absence of preventive care and inadequate health care. The same site lists 37% of blackmen over 20yr old as obese; 42% of blackmen have hypertension. Both of these conditions affect the heart rate – perhaps associated with the #1 cause of death -heart disease. Blacks consume the most pork per capita, statistics reveal. The “kings meat” and soul food continue to be top contributors to poor preventive measures and lack of ‘health’ care. We as a people consume the most fast food researchers also conclude.

Elijah Muhammad’s bold claim that GOD appeared in North America to give the blackman in America more life and life abundantly, has to be reasoned with by all think groups to overturn these statistics. Elijah Muhammad in his Supreme Wisdom lessons, he discloses the uncle of Mr. W.D. Fard(the blackman) lived other than himself and this affected his heart rate(pulse beat)! Along with his monumental books HOW TO EAT TO LIVE 1 & 2 , juxtapose them to the leading causes of death among blacks in America and the solution becomes obvious. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has also stated before “if you want to control passions get away from red meat”. So the health and life of the blackman is answered by the quality of food intake and the quality of his lifestyle commensurate as to his life “insurance”!

NNVNews Blog writer Stacy C


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