Orthodox Jews protest COVID-19 restrictions with mask Burning.

Violent protests breakout in Brooklyn as hundreds of Orthodox Jews burn masks in protest of COVID-19 restrictions.

The Washington Post reports.

“Jacob Kornbluh was just three blocks from his home in Brooklyn, documenting a protest against coronavirus restrictions on Wednesday evening, when the demonstration suddenly turned toward him.”

“The 39-year-old journalist found himself pinned to the wall of a store, he said, as dozens of fellow Orthodox Jews began yelling and calling him a “moyser” — Yiddish for “snitch” — in a confrontation captured on video. Then, a few maskless men spit onto his face.”

In Minister Farrakhan’s July 4th, 2020 address, he said that COVID-19 was a “Pestilence from Heaven”, and it will not subside unless America repents. He also spoke on the Unraveling of this Nation and that the citizens were 100% dissatisfied.

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