Obesity Increases Risk of COVID-19 Critical Illness and Death

In the United States coronavirus (COVID-19) disease has risen above one million cases.  According to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report, 73 percent of nurses who have been hospitalized from COVID-19 had obesity.  These troubling statistics require us to take a closer look at obesity and how COVID-19 is effecting this vulnerable population.

Obesity is a disease involving an excessive amount of body fat (BMI).  According to the Mayo Clinic, obesity increases the risk of illnesses and diseases such diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and COVID-19.  People with obesity are at increased risk of critical illness and death from COVID-19, according to AlterNet.com.
Several studies have reported on the correlation between the two diseases.

A recent study reported higher rates of obesity in COVID-19 patients who are critically ill.  Another large study confirmed that patients that have both COVID-19 and obesity have a higher risk of death compared to patients with normal BMI .  A third study found that obesity could interfere with the effectiveness of COVID-19 therapy, NCBI.gov reports.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s book teaches us “How To Eat To Live”. Overindulgence in foods and eating the wrong foods is the enemy that causes illnesses, obesity, inflammation and premature death. “Eating the right foods, at the right time” allows the body to properly digest and cleanse itself. Eating right and excercising regularly are two important ingredients to improve overall health. These can lower BMI, lower blood pressure, reduce severity of diabetes, eliminate obesity and reduce the risk of complications from COVID-19.


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