The Daily Nurse posted an article called “Survey: Nurses View “Warp Speed” COVID Vaccine with Uncertainty”. It was almost 13,000 that did the survey for the American Nurses Foundation (ANF) Pulse on the Nation’s Nurses COVID-19 Survey Series: COVID-19 Vaccine October 2020.

The article 47-48% polled as “somewhat confident in the development and efficacy in the vaccine” but then says “40% have no confidence in the “accelerated development process” and “38% doubt it will be an effective vaccine.” these numbers should set off red flags and concern.

Also, the article reads that “84% believe the process is “too fast” and “75% notes happy with the expedited clinical trials.”

More contradicting numbers show up in the post “Kaiser Health News remarked that some specialists fear that the trials “Will be too short in duration and too small in size to prove that the vaccines will prevent what people fear most — being hospitalized or dying — by the time the first vaccine makers file for emergency authorization.”

This reminds me of Teachings on Yakub by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he teaches us that Yakub chose doctors, ministers, nurses and a cremator for his top laborers and made them all liars.

Here is a quote from his book “The Message To The Black Man” on the methods used by Yakub’s nurses “He ordered the nurses to kill all black babies that were born among his people, by pricking the brains with a sharp needle as soon as the black child’s head is out of the mother.”

These methods are still going on today in the medical field but not only against the Original Nation because we are the most vulnerable but all humans on the planet that are not wise to the wicked unseen forces. We must separate and have our own medical institutions that have a foundation in truth, not for profit.

NNV writer Brother Richard X


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