Nazi Experiments, Tuskegee Experiments, COVID-19 Vaccinations And Informed Consent?

In 1946 Hitler’s doctors went on trial in Nuremburg for committing medical attrocities on prisoners . After the Nazi trials the world outlawed conducting experiments on humans without consent. The NOI Research Group posted information on “The Nuremberg Code” via twitter page @NOIResearch. The “Nuremberg Code” was established to outlaw the medical atrocities that were uncovered by the Nazi trials. “It requires that human subjects in any medical experiment fully understand the risks and give their informed consent” according to @NOIResearch. 26 years after Nuremberg U.S. pharmacuetical companies were conducting “90 percent of the same experiments as the Nazi’s on U.S. prisoners.”

The U.S. medical establishment rejected the Nuremberg Code as “a good code for barbarism but an unnessessary code for ordinary physicians-scientists” Experiments such as The Tuskegee Experiment continued and allowed blacks to go untreated for conditions resulting in the spreading of disease. Nation of Islam’s National Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad’s message “Beyond Tuskegee, Why Black People Must Not Take The Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine” reveals the origin of the COVID-19 virus, who”s responsible, and military technology behind the virus and vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies were given emergency use authorization by the US government and CDC Cristiane Northrop, author of several medical journals said on the Oprah Show “I believe this vaccine is designed to cull the human race”. National Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad reminded us of “America’s Wicked Plan and the government’s depopulation agenda.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warns us during “The Criterion” message delivered July 4th, 2020, “Don’t you let them vaccinate you”. The U.S. government has a treacherous history of experimentation, medications and vaccine. “We can not let them bring anything to us that we don’t dissect” said The Honorable Minister Farrakhan.

NNV News Blog Writer Sister Rose Morris


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