Law Enforcement Surveillance Systems Have Ability To Profile Anyone and Everyone

Law Enforcement Surveillance Systems Have Ability To Profile Anyone and Everyone 1 20210312 082823 1

No longer is it necessary for police to go through dozens of databases, wireless sensors, gunshot detectors, security surveillance cameras, and license plate readers. Now Law enforcement have the ability to access all types of public and private records and information almost instantly. Information such as addresses, phone numbers, photographs, drivers license and plate numbers can be pulled up immediately using a tool called Citigraf. Genetec, a technology solution company associated with Homeland Security developed the Citigraf public surveillance tool. reports that Citigraf utilizes surveillance equipment to wirelessly monitor people, quickly sift through databases and generate reports.

Law enforcement have the ability to locate patterns and connect people to locations and suspects by simply clicking a button. People suspected of previous criminal acts, those on probation and parole can be identified and connected to a neighborhood where a crime occurred. Profiles of persons likely to commit crimes can be developed, as well as their patterns and people they frequently associate with. Photographs, addresses, video from cameras in businesses and mass transportation hubs such as buses, trains and airports can be utilized to pick up information and identify individuals.

Genetec’s surveillance tools have the ability to profile “anyone and everyone”. According to Govanni Gaccione said “the counterterrorism unit, which he wouldn’t name, used the system to build a detailed profile of people who show signs of radicalization, using various databases, CCTV, phone records, banking transactions, and other surveillance methods.”

Cities have begun building surveillance platforms using Citigraf Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC) to consolidate data. St. Louis Police Lieutenant Brent Feig said “Genetec Citigraf and SDCS was tied to Homeland Security’s Real-Time Crime Centers.

NNV News Blog Writer Sister Rose Morris


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