LA Times apologizes for 139 years of racism

Amid the racial climate of today it seems as though the agents of systemic racism have finally decided to recognize their wrong.

Taking full advantage, the LA Times owner reflects on its racist history.

“This year, across America, we’ve engaged in conversations about race and discrimination that have been candid, direct and consequential. They are happening among friends and co-workers, through protests and political debates, at athletic events and in pop culture. And they are happening at the Los Angeles Times.”

“Prompted by a pandemic, an economic crisis and a national debate over policing, our nation now faces a long-delayed reckoning with systemic racism. We would be remiss if we did not take part in that self-examination.”

Minister Farrakhan has highlighted the importance of self-examination in his study guides 1-9, he said it is therapeutic and vert critical to self-improvement.

I am certain that they have not been reading those study guides, but it seems as though everyone is taking this time to apologize. We appreciate the accountability but that is merely the first step.

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