Israel Schemes To Dump African Refugees Seeking Assylum in Blood Dictatorships

An Israeli Defense Ministry associate paid bribes across Africa to keep assylum seekers from coming to Israel. A series of explosive letters sent by Amnon Zichroni, who was one of Israel’s top lawyers revealed Israel’s scheme to send the assylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan to countries with unstable regimes. The NOI Research Group recently commented about the events via twitter @NoiResearch. The scheme involved the payment of bribes to officials in Africa. “I was absolutely bowled over by the content of the letter,” said a senior Defense Minister to Haaretz.

Zichroni’s letters were written on behalf of Weizman Shiri, a former Knesset member and deputy defense minister. Zichroni wrote the letters after the Defense Ministry green-lighted Shiri’s activities and later reneged. The businessmen sought to get refugees transferred to “some of the world’s most blood-drenched countries: South Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic” reported Haaretz.

Zichroni’s letters revealed how failed dictatorships were approached and how some atrempted to return Sudanese assylum seekers to Sudan in the form of a militia. Weizman Shiri, acting on behalf of Israel’s Defense Ministry operated out of the Central African Republic and South Sudan. Shiri met with the president of South Sudan for a plan to “house assylum seekers on farms in South Sudan if they reached Israel from the northern part of Sudan; and from the Darfur region in western Sudan”.

Among the list of people Israel utilized was Amos Hadar, a businessman who spent 25 years in African countries. Hadar supplied intelligence technologies to a number of regimes in Chad, Uganda, and Sudan. He also attempted to establish the scheme in the Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in favor of an idea to dump African Refugees in “blood dictatorships.”


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