Israel Called An Apartheid Regime By Leading Human Rights Group

A report recently released by a respected Israeli human rights group characterized Israel and its control of the Palestinian territories as “apartheid”. B’Tselem, a leading human rights organization established in 1989 said “This is not democracy plus occupation, this is apartheid between the river and the sea”, according to a article citing an AP news report. The term “apartheid” envokes thoughts of South Africa’s system of White rule and racial segregation.

B’Tselem’s use of “apartheid” signals a shift in their political thinking. B’Tselem’s director El-Ad points to two recent developments that altered B’Tselem’s thinking. The first was the “contentious” 2018 law that defined Israel as a “nation-state of the Jewish people, downgrading Palistinians to second-class status and formalized discrimination. The second was Israel’s 2019 announcement of its intention to annex up to a third of occupied West Bank, including all of its Jewish settlements.

After more than 53 years of Israeli control, there is no longer much hope for a two-state solution. For over a decade there have been no substantive peace talks according to El-Ad said, “Fifty years plus, that’s not enough to understand the permanence of Israeli control”. “It is “A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid,” said B’Tselem according to reported that “Israel has further entrenched its rule over the West Bank, Israeli writers, disillusioned former generals and politicians opposed to its right-wing government have increasingly adopted the term”. Nabil Shaath, a senior adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said “It is a state based on racist decisions aimed at confiscating land, expelling indigenous people, demolishing homes and establishing settlements.” El-Ad said. “The point is that there isn’t a single square inch between the river and the sea in which a Palestinian and a Jew are equal”.


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