How much does the Pharmaceutical-Vaccine Industry donate to politicians?

NOI Research Group reported recently on the funds that elected officials received from big pharma to push their vaccine on their supporters. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of receiving huge sums of money in to lead this campaign. According to the numbers Democrats alone in Congress receive approximately 31,527,089$. The Republicans now receive 16,533,301$. These are huge sums of money that they receive in order to push that vaccination. Why the sense of urgency? They rushed this vaccine out, completely bypassing normal vaccination protocol. For what? This shot is experimental, and it doesn’t even prevent you from catching COVID-19, so why the rush?
Minister Farrakhan is inviting us to life when he told us not to take this vaccination, and he has said God will use this shot against us. More people have died from this vaccine than the Tuskegee Experiments of the past. Social Media is so-called fact-checking all of our information regarding this vaccine. What don’t they want us to know? Why have many nurses and many military officials refused to take the vaccine? Why don’t they trust it? Their history is clear, they are not to be trusted. The elected officials themselves may get the vaccine to prove to you that they trust in their science, yet there are many other therapies available to treat this virus.
So once again knowing their history and their treacherous ways, we cannot take this vaccine. We cannot trust them to do right by us, and the politicians are making a killing from this campaign, so that should tell you something. Do your research, learn their history before you let them jab you. They are offering you marijuana and money also to take this vaccine, so look deeper into their intentions.
NNV Writer Hasan Ali


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