Healthcare workers refuse to take COVID-19 Vaccine.

Multople reports are saying that healthcare workers are refusing to take the Corona Virus Vaccination despite having top level access. Could the workers have a lack of trust much like the community does? LA Times reports, “They are frontline workers with top-priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine, but they are refusing to take it.”

“At St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Tehama County, fewer than half of the 700 hospital workers eligible for the vaccine were willing to take the shot when it was first offered. At Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, one in five frontline nurses and doctors have declined the shot. Roughly 20% to 40% of L.A. County’s frontline workers who were offered the vaccine did the same, according to county public health officials.

“So many frontline workers in Riverside County have refused the vaccine — an estimated 50% — that hospital and public officials met to strategize how best to distribute the unused doses, Public Health Director Kim Saruwatari said.”

“The vaccine doubts swirling among healthcare workers across the country come as a surprise to researchers, who assumed hospital staff would be among those most in tune with the scientific data backing the vaccines.”

So, what does this tell us? Even those who work on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 are refusing the vaccine. There’s a lack of trust within the medical community, most are skeptical of the scientific that jas been done with the vaccine, and they simply do not trust it. They don’t believe its safe, we shouldn’t either. Minister Farrakhan has warned us not to take it, and it seems as though the medical community has heard his message.


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