Has Black Lives Matter been Hijacked?

Black Lives Matter has been a hot topic these days as Police Shootings and Brutality have seemingly increased in the year 2020.

Marley K. of Age of Awareness questions the leadership and the motive of this organization.

“What I am questioning is the headquarters of the Black Lives Matter movement (formerly called the Black Lives Matter Global Network, and shall be called BLM henceforth). Is there a national chapter? What are they doing? I’m questioning the donations, the behind the scene supports, and the shift in focus after the money started flowing and the movement began to garner national and international attention?”

“I need to make sure I’m not following and supporting Russians, Australians, aliens, or people who plan to lead me around and around in a circle while they swindle me out of my money and sweat capital.”

Minister Farrakhan’s 10.10.15 Justice or Else rally hosted Black Lives Matter, “October the 10th wouldn’t even exist if Black Lives Matter didn’t have something to say about it.”  The original stance of the movement was justice for the victims murdered or brutalized by law enforcement. But these days many questions the organizations agenda and leadership. People still ask who is leading them? Or Who funds the organization? These are question that should be discovered has we take an in-depth look into Black Lives Matter.

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Hasan Ali NNV Writer


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