Haitian Native And Black Woman Entreprenuer Provides Coffee and Jobs

Carribrew is a Haitian-American coffee brand that is black-owned and black operated throughout its supply chain. Beverly Marlbranche, a Haitian native and black woman entreprenuer is its founder.   Marlbranche mission for Carribrew is “to grow delicious coffee while creating long-term, sustainable jobs for Haitian farmers.” The company provides job opportunities for youth and migrant workers in the areas of production, sorting, roasting and shipping. The company’s goal is to assist in reviving the Haitian coffee production after the country’s devastating natural disaster.  

Caribbrew supplies premium hand-picked Arabica coffee beans grown in Haiti.  .Carribrew Haitian coffee is offerred in a variety of blends from medium roasts, dark roasts, and Caribbean spiced coffee sourced thru more than 200 Haitian farmers growing a variety of Arabica beans.

In a recent Swaay.com article written by Angelica Deleon. Carribrew foundet Beverly Marlbranche revealed some of the challenges she has faced in building the Haitian-American coffee brand. A big challenge was understanding how the Haitian supply chain for coffee operated.  Marlbranche stated “We had to first educate ourselves, then reach out to people who know more than us, from small business advisors to friends and family who started similar enterprises.”

Understanding the multiple streams of revenues within thie coffee business and figuringi out niche markets that were profitable didnt come easy; but it was an essential element to Carribrew’s growth and profitability. Now Carribrew operates in multiple markets, including the US offering premium coffee and coffee based skincare products.


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