Flu Shot Is Big Business But Poor Option

The side effects of getting a flu shot make it a poor option. The influenza vaccine contains additives such as mercury, aluminum, salts and foreign animal and human cells. The body may become so overwhelmed from fighting off these pathogens, that it is even more susceptible to new viruses.

Its ridiculous to take a flu shot when the influenza viruses are constantly mutating.  As the virus mutates, there is a greater chance for it to overtake a person whose immune system has been weakened.

In 2020 most people are taking all of the necessary precautions to guard against coronavirus (covid 19). Contracting the virus could lead to serious illness or even death.  People are social distancing, masking up, sanitizing and washing hands frequently.  Why would they take a flu shot that would increase substantially their chances of contracting covid 19?

Think about it.  The flu vaccine is big business.  It brings in millions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies, product and equipment manufacturers.  There is a huge incentive for companies to market the flu shot.  They sell people a false sense of security.  In reality, the CDC estimates this year’s flu vaccine is only 30% effective. That means its 70% ineffective.  Would you take the risk of getting a flu shot with those odds?



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