FINAL CALL COVER REPORT: The Nations Are Angry and Thy Wrath Is Come: It Is The Time Of The Dead That They Should Be Judged And Given Justice 

In this Final Call Cover report, we highlight an article by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan entitled, “The Nations Are Angry And Thy Wrath Is Come: It Is The Time Of The Dead That They Should Be Judged and Given Justice.” War is on the Horizon and the Nations are growing restless, God’s judgment looms over her which could come down upon us at any time. Minister Farrakhan delivers his message from Grand Rapids, Michigan at the True Light Baptist Church on Sep. 24th, 2019. “The book of Isaiah says, “Justice stands afar off and equity cannot enter because truth is fallen in the streets.”  

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, when truth fails to bring justice about, truth should always lead us to a just conclusion. But if the forces of evil are so strong that truth falls in the street and is not allowed to bring about justice, then the God of Truth and the God of Justice must physically remove from power the forces of injustice. And that time has arrived. 

I’m so happy to be in this beautiful city of Grand Rapids at a time when justice for us stands afar off. We are not worried because we know Him who is present to answer the cry of the people for justice. The Bible says it so beautifully. It says, “He heard the moaning and the groaning of the Children of Israel because of their wicked task masters.” And He said, He was not going to send somebody, but He said, “I think I will go down to see the cry that I have heard. And if I see that the cry that I’ve heard is exactly what I’ve heard, I will avenge them.” 


NNV NEWS Journalist: Hasan Ali  


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