FINAL CALL COVER REPORT: Raging Fires, extreme heat, megadrought, and the chastisement of God 


Today, the Final Call cover report covers the raging natural disasters that have descended upon America. Naba’a Muhammad and Shawntell Muhammad show how fragile the American infrastructure is when measured up against the wrath of God.  

“Summer of 2022 has shown just how vulnerable global infrastructures really are. Around the world, extreme heat and fires dominated the atmosphere. It’s no accident, but further proof of the divine chastisement that God Himself is unleashing on the world, and in particular, recently on Europe and America.” 

“July temperatures in the United Kingdom are usually in the 70s, however, an unprecedented heat wave descended upon the country with 104-degree temperatures. The majority of homes, office buildings, and public transportation do not have air conditioning” 

“Some of the country’s railway tracks buckled and some of the tracks caught on fire due to the extreme heat. Commuters were encouraged not to travel unless absolutely necessary.” 

“Pacific Northwest was bracing for a major heat wave just as the Northeastern part of the United States was forecast to see a slight break in extreme temperatures at Final Call press.” 

NNV NEWS Journalist: Hasan Ali  


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