This week we revisit some of the words of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during a short address to the audience of The National Training Conference held in Milwaukee, WI on July 30th, 2022. I quote, “I’m so moved by what I experienced being with you. Sometimes when you work hard to bring about change in your time of life, it’s so rewarding when you come among your people and see the effect of knowledge being imparted to us.” 

“I want to thank Grandmaster Abdul Azziz Muhammad and all the grandmasters, male and female, that are here, and I want to thank you for demonstrating the greatness of your skill. But the most moving thing to me is that you didn’t keep your skill to yourself. That is what makes you favored by Allah (God) because you discovered your gift and, in discovering your gift, you discovered your reason for being, your purpose for being on this earth at this time.” 

“So when you know that time is fleeting: I mean I’m looking at people that I’ve known for 40 or 50, 60 years. I have known Grandmaster Azziz almost for 60 years. That’s amazing. So I’m really touched to be in your presence because you gave me something today that made my day, my week, my month, my life because I saw in you and, in our young people, I saw the future.” 

“During the month of Ramadan I was blessed to be a guest with my brother from St. Louis, Anthony Shahid, and his grandchildren, and the babies were reciting ayats (verses) of the Qur’an for me. As I listened to them as, Allah (God) is my witness, I started to speak and I broke down.  I had to stop a moment to gather myself because I heard our ancestors rejoicing.” 

“Because they died when they came to America as Muslims and the enemy did not want them to teach us about Allah (God), to teach us Islam, to teach us about the Holy Prophet Muhammad, to teach us about the Qur’an and here I was 460 years later listening to babies speaking Arabic. Listening to babies holding the Qur’an and I broke down because I knew the ancestors could rest now. Because what they died for is now alive and well. The enemy will never, ever put us back in that box again. Never, never, never.” 

NNV Journalist: Hasan Ali 



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