Curtailing America

On 10/5/20, A California fire“gigafire” status, burning more than 1 million acres. “It’s almost just kind of like a debt that we’ve accrued, and that we’re finally paying on it,” said a fire scientist at UC Berkeley. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned America of this in his book Fall of America “All of the plagues, destructions, and judgment which Allah (God) used to destroy the wicked and disobedient from the time of Adam until this day will be brought upon America. Then she will be burned with fire. This is the time of trouble that shall bring America into insanity.” Anyone watching the news and aware of current events can bear witness to what Mr. Muhammad wrote is taking place right now, he also writes in the Fall of America “The great dreadful days of the Lord have now come to America — the land and people who worship evil and indecency. Robbery, murder, rape, famine, and deceit are the order of the day in America.” These massive fires are also a sign we must be prepared for famine and air quality issues in the near future.

NNV Writer @brotherrichardx

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