COVID Vaccine Paused After Health Workers in Alaska, Illinois Have Adverse Reactions

Last week U.S. health care facilities began vaccinating health care workers with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Health care facilities in Alaska and Illinois had to temporarily pause their COVID-19 vaccination programs after health care workers experienced adverse reactions. Health care workers in Alaska experienced allergic reactions to the Pfizer vaccine according to reports from CBS News. One worker, with no previous history of allergy, had symptoms that included rapid heartbeat, trouble breathing, skin rash and redness according to The other employee experienced eye and throat irritation according to reports from Alaska state officials.

In Illinois, four employees of Advocate Aurora Health organization experienced adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine. Advocate Condell Medical Center, located 39 miles north of Chicago temporarily paused COVID-19 vaccine distribution at its Libertyville site. The employees complained of tingling and elevated heart rates according to FOX 32 of Chicago. One employee was hospitalized. Advocate Aurora Health plans to restart COVID-19 vaccinations at the Libertyville site on Sunday after receiving approval from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local health officials, FOX 32 reported.

On Tuesday Illinois health officials reported 6,239 new confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19, including 116 deaths according to an AP report in the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams met with Illinois health officials and advised the public to continue social distancing and avoid celebrating with anyone outside of their household.

The State of Illinois have reported a total of 911,308 cases of COVID-19 infections, and there have been 15,414 deaths. Nearly 10,000 Illinois correctional facility inmates and employees have become infected. llinois prisoner rights advocates have expressed concerns over the rising COVID-19 infections, including 59 inmate deaths.


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