Corona Virus Vaccine Report

There has been much speculation and questions about the development of the coronavirus vaccine. Carolyn Y. Johnson of the Washington post gave us an update earlier this morning.

“A single-shot coronavirus vaccine from Johnson & Johnson will be tested on 60,000 people” “The first coronavirus vaccine that aims to protect people with a single shot has entered the final stages of testing in the United States in an international trial that will recruit up to 60,000 participants.

“The experimental vaccine being developed by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is the fourth vaccine to enter the large, Phase 3 trials in the United States that will determine whether they are effective and safe. Paul Stoffels, chief scientific officer of J&J, predicted that there may be enough data to have results by the end of the year and said the company plans to manufacture 1 billion doses next year.”

Minister Farrakhan warned us in his July 4th address, “We won’t take your vaccines”. He said. Because they are not trustworthy, and he also called out Dr. Anthony Fauci out by name as one of those who we should not trust. He is also backing this project.

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