Companies Claim COVID Vaccine Highly Effective But Plans For High Adverse Reations

Two new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines were released this week. Moderna released its MRNA 1273 vaccine which promises to be 94.5 percent effective.  Phiser released the BNT162b2 vaccine developed in Germany and claims to be 90 percent effective. Neither company provided the data behind their claims, according to

Wallstreet stocks rose on news of the vaccine releases. According to Phizer CEO Robert Bourla made $5.6 million on the day his company’s vaccine was introduced.  Moderna’s stock increased 15 percent.  In addition, Moderna’s top doctor gets $1 million richer from pre-scheduled stock trades; and since the pandemic he’s made $50 million, according to

The US has provided Moderna with $1 billion to design and test the vaccine, with oversight from researchers at the National Institues of Health. Moderna is among the companies participating in the Operation Warp Speed.  Participating companies are allowed under the Emergency Use Authorization to skip mandatory safety inspections and compliance regulations so there is little accountability and oversight.  Mary Haley, Childrens Health Defense General Counsel believes it’s a mistake to introduce these vaccines without scrutiny or efficacy. She said “To imagine that Moderna’s unlicensed COVID vaccine tested for less than a year, will be safe, is wishful thinking”.  

High incidents of adverse effects are expected as people are vaccinated. Companies have already posted notice that they are looking to procure software to process the high volume of adverse drug reactions.  Vaccine manufacturers were already immune from liability under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. reports that immunity from liability is expanded further after COVID-19 under the Declaration of Public Readiness and Preparedness Act (PREP).


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