Come Out To Shop The People’s Pantry

Queendom Come, Inc. and their sponsors have stepped up to provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutritional foods items in a safe, open air market.  Women, children, families, elderly, disabled and heads of household hit with financial hardship can shop at The People’s Pantry for the items of their choice, at no cost.  Delivery services are available for elderly and disabled unable to access the public market.  

The People’s Pantry provides groceries to those vulnerable populations in underserved areas and food deserts.  The goal is to help people eliminate their food insecurity. guard against illness, build up the immune system and protect against the coronavirus (covid 19).

Helping the community put the right foods in the body is essential to ensure good health.  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “When we eat the right foods in the right way, we had no doctor bill’s and no medical bill’s.”  “There were no medicines to be found in our medicine cabinets.”

Come Out To Shop For Nutritional, Immune Boosting Foods!



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