CDC Issues New COVID-19 Guidance And Reduced Restrictions For “Fully Vaccinated” Americans

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New CDC guidelines announced Wednesday have reduced restrictions on Americans who have received a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. According to the new CDC guidelines certain vaccinated people may gather with other vaccinated people with reduced or no restrictions on social distancing and wearing personal protective eqiupment (PPE) masks according to ABC news.

The CDC defines “fully vaccinated” people as those who have waited two weeks after receiving both doses of a Pfizer vaccine, or both doses of a moderna vaccine, or the single dose of Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Under the new CDC guidance fully vaccinated people “can gather around friends or family who are also vaccinated indoors without wearing a mask or social distancing”.

“If you and a friend or you and a family member are both vaccinated, you can have dinner together,” said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and you don’t have to social distance or wear a mask. She added, “You can visit your grandparents, if you have been vaccinated and they have been too”. In addition, vaccinated people don’t need to quarantine or get tested for COVID-19 unless they have symptoms

There are certain limitations and exclusions under the revised CDC guidance. According to the CDC, gathering in medium or large groups continues to be restricted as 90 percent of Americans have not been vaccinated.   Therefore, people who are vaccinated must still limit the size of their social gatherings. Everyone, whether vaccinated or not, should continue to avoid medium and large size gatherings, as well as non-essential travel. When in public spaces, people who are vaccinated should continue to wear a protective mask and follow all social distancing protocols.

NNV News Blog Writer Sister Rose Morris


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