Black Man Disappears After Altercation With Lowell Massachusetts Police

A Black man disappeared two weeks ago after an altercation with Lowell Massachusetts police. The last time Moses Harris was seen alive was on Saturday, December 19, 2020, according to Conflicting stories are being told about the incident. Lowell police claim officers tried to arrest Harris in connection with an alledged domestic violence and vandalism incident. Police claim Harris jumped into the freezing cold Concord River to get away, according to twitter post @sweetbabycarrot.

Moses Harris had no prior criminal offenses. Too often police have a “default response” toward Black people; and their response is to use overwhelming, disproportionate, or deadly force . The Lowell police still refuse to release body cam footage of the altercation. Harris’ brother says police haven’t been forthcoming with information. Harris’ mother said. “I’m looking for an answer”. “I’m looking for divers to sweep the river to dive in there and bring my baby out”. Louise Harris added, “I need my baby. I need to locate him.” She stated that she never saw the police conducting a search or calling up a crew to locate her son. Although police claim they did so.

“We just want transparency as to why my brother has not been found,” said Emmanuel Wahpo. He added, “If they had true transparency, they would tell us all the details during that night but they have not.” Harris’s family members did not want what happened to go unnoticed. The family is demanding answers from the Lowell police, the last people known to interact with Moses before his dissapearance. People throughout Lowell Massachusetts have joined in solidarity with Moses Harris family, saying “They deserve answers” .

Protestors have flanked the Lowell Police Department asking about his dissapearance for several weeks, reports The protestors ask,”Where is Moses?” Protestors are demanding that police release the names of the officers inviolved in the altercation and conduct a formal investigation.


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