Black Farmers Hoping Biden Administration Will End USDA Discrimination And Protect Land

The number of Black and minority farmers in the U.S. have dwindled. Prior to 1920 there were almost one million black farmers in America. Today, there are less than 50,000 black farmers and according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture “They own a mere 2 percent of America’s farmland. By comparison, 98percent of US farmers are white according to a CBS News report via Youtube. reports that democrats are hoping the Biden Administration and his pick for USDA Secretary will support measures to assist Black farmers and turn the tide of land loss.

Three Democratic senators have co-sponsored a bill to end discrimination within the USDA. Senators Cory Booker from New Jersey, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, and Kirsten Gillibrand from New York are co-sponsors of The Justice For Black Farmers Bill according to If inacted, it would end discrimination within the USDA. The Justice For Black Farmers Act would implement measures to protect current Black farmers from losing their land and provide land grants for a new generation of Black farmers. The goal of The Justice For Black Farmers Act is to correct injustice and empower Black farmers to succeed and thrive.“

Black farmers have been denied access or delayed subsidy relief and other wealth building programs that would assist in keeping their farms operational, especially during this economic downturn and coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Discriminatory policies robbed Black families of the ability to build and pass on intergenerational wealth. The USDA issued billions of dollars in COVID Loan Subsidies but payment to many black farmers did not arrive. “There is a direct connection between discriminatory policies within the USDA and the enormous land loss we have seen among Black farmers over the past century” said Senator Cory Booker.


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