Black Evictions on the rise

A mass eviction wave is projected hit the U.S. very soon and Black Women are at risk of being hit the hardest.  At the height of the pandemic this can devastate the black community once again. Statistics suggest that the black community has been hit the worst during the COVID-19 pandemic and evictions will simply make it worse. Linda Morris of “The Hill” reports, Millions of tenants across the country will be at risk of losing their homes in just a few days time, at the height of a pandemic. And decades of deep-rooted, structural inequalities in our housing system have set up Black women and other communities of color to bear the brunt of this impending mass eviction crisis.”

“On July 25, the federal CARES Act eviction moratorium — which prohibits the filing of new evictions in federally supported or financed housing and covers more than 12 million rental units — is set to expire. This will trigger a flood of evictions for millions of tenants, many of whom are among the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, and further entrench racial and gender inequities in housing.”

“Since the U.S. declared a national emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted widespread and devastating economic consequences, as tens of millions of workers have lost their jobs. As of June, 17.8 million workers remain unemployed and, for many, without a reasonable chance of returning to their prior jobs. Many of those affected are women and workers of color, who are overrepresented in the low-wage jobs that are most vulnerable to layoffs during the pandemic.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned us of the devastation of this virus, and the economic impact will be severe, we’ve been told that this government cannot be trusted in handling our affairs, as we stand to see a lot of our people homeless when the second wave of COVID-19 hits.

NNV Writer Hasan Ali


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