Black Business matter: Paris McKenzie

Black Business matters so meet Paris McKenzie she is making boss moves at the age of 16 years old ” Black Business reports she just made history after opening her own beauty supply store called Paris Beauty Supplyz — in Brooklyn, New York — making her the youngest Black owner to ever do it”. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad goes into the importance of having our own black economics in his must-have book The Message to The Black Man. The Messenger writes “Those of us who are wealthy or rich should help set up independent businesses which our people need and which could add wealth to our communities. With such cooperation our own businessmen could actually help lower prices and provide employment for the multitude of unemployed.” These instructions still ring true in 2020, we must support black businesses that are in our community at all cost.

NNV Writer @brotherrichardx

#DoForSelf #blackbuisness


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