America’s Wicked Foods / Genetically Engineered and Chemicalized

Many black people in America live in urban food deserts. Fast food restaurants in these areas offer commercialized, processed and denatured foods for quick consumption. Much of these foods contain chemical additives, growth hormones and antibiotics to fatten up the foods. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s series Farrakhan Speaks, “The Time and What Must Be Done” Part 37 and 38 “Wicked Policy and America’s National Interest” discusses the genetic and social engineering of commercialized foods and their devastating effects.

Black people are suffering from the devastating consequences of consuming genetically modified and processed foods. The chemical additives causes diseases, lead to early puberty and changes in sexual drive. According to the National Cancer institute black men lead in variety of cancers. Black women lead in all cancers except breast cancer. A report from HHS Office of Minority Health reveal that blacks were more likely than whites to die from diabetes, heart disease and many other health conditions.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in his book How To Eat To Live” advises us to avoid genetically engineered, denatured and chemically based processed foods. “They graft some of this food and it is not good for our stomachs”. “For good health we should raise and prepare our own food” “We need 100 million acres”, said The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad”. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’ said “ownership of land is part of freedom”. “The time and What Must Be Done”. Part 36 is entitled “Farming is the Engine of our National Life”.

The enemy discouraged black people from desiring to own farmland because they know our lives would be different if the government would have fulfilled their promise to give blacks 40 acres and a mule. We must unite and purchase farmland. “With our big supermarket and 100,000 of us buy all the corn, the peas” “Then we’ll pool our monies and set up a canning factory” said The Honorable Minister Farrakhan.


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