America’s enormous debt

America has dug herself into a dept that she cannot dig herself out of. Minister Farrakhan talks about this in his lecture series, The Time and What Must be Done. “I read something today, that America is so deep in dept to Japan and China and to some of the Arab Countries, the oil producing countries, that their saying that this dollar that she has bought Nations with is called “Tissue Paper”, and even though tissue paper has value, every time in this article they refer to the dollar, they refer to it as the “tissue paper dollar”. Because the dollar today is worth ten percent of its value. My God, so the man who wrote the article says, “Well what is keeping up the dollar from crashing?” What is keeping it up? Oh a few broadcasts ago, if you remember when we talked about the tremendous debt in America, a debt that America cannot pay but she bullies the Nations of the Earth because she has superior weapons to any Nation. So, she threatens them if they want to call her on the debt, remember I can nuke you, I can destroy you, I have superior power. In the next few broadcasts from now we will introduce a weapon that she has no power over, this is the End and you’re going to have to submit to God or die in your rebellion.”

America is no longer the great superpower that she once was, even though her Military prowess is still tremendous, her influence has diminished. The world does not fear her as she once did, and thy have grown tired of her evil ways. The dollar is on the decline because it has no value, it has no backing besides the Federal Reserve. So, things are much more expensive, and she owes many countries a large sum that is too great to pay. Perhaps America is reaping what she has sown. The economy is declining, and the unemployment rate is skyrocketing due to this Global Pandemic. How could she ever recover from this? The Minister said at Saviors Day 2020, that we are looking at a country that is cascading downward, and we see the evidence unraveling right in front of our very eyes.

Repentance is the only key to survival as we have been told, and once this dollar falls it may be used as tissue paper soon because that is all that it’ll will be good for.

NNV Writer Hasan Ali


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