Genos(greek for race)-cide(latin for kill) , the deliberate killing of a large number of people of a particular group. This involves one capable group pointing out another group as not necessary or “a people” at all. This involves preparation , planning and execution. Genocide is considered the “crime of crimes”.

By international law genocide is not only (1)killing members of a group also (2)causing bodily or mental harm of the group. Dr. Wesley Muhammad details the assault on the black male mind in his book, “Understanding the Assault on The Black Man, Black Manhood and Black Masculinity”. (3)Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned black people of the death plan of birth control. He referred to it as the “Plan to destroy our race” in his monumental book, Message To The Blackman In America. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group (4).

5)Deliberately inflicting of the group conditions of life calculated to bring about it’s physical destruction in whole or in part; see May 18 edition of The Final Call article entitled “From Tuskegee to Covid19”. The article details the syphilis “experiment” that lasted 40 years. The secret program was exposed in 1972 by the Muhammad Speaks newspaper. The Final Call explains the real treachery of the Tuskegee plot was the withheld treatment, as with Covid19 the suppressed effective treatments. (see article for list). We are reminded by this fine article of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan’s words, “Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of Treachery through vaccines, through medication. You have NO Right to TRUST them.”

Is the US Gov exempt from international law involving Genocide? Can doctors and medical professionals be indicted in a civil negligence lawsuit where “vaccines” are concerned?What is the duty of physicians and can they be found in breach of duty from taking “the jab”?Are black people culpable in this “crime of crimes”?


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