US Near Agreement to Send More Weapons to Israel

Republican and democratic legislators are backing the sale of Massive Ordinance Penetrator (MOP) bunker-buster bombs to Israel. The MOP’s are designed to penetrate deep underground locations.  According to Forbes magazine the MOP bunker-buster weighs 30,000 pounds and is a “20-plus foot long, 2.6 foot wide munition”. Legislators have said the purpose of the bill is to ensure Israel has the necessary weaponry to confront all possible threats, including a nuclear-armed Iran.

There was already growing speculation the Trump administration is involved in whipping up military conflict against Iran thru its surrogate Israel.  The United States and Israel have been warned about escalating tensions and initiatiing military actions against Iran. Trump began escalating tensions with Iran last year after he withdrew from the Iran nuclear accord; reimposing sanctions and adding more sanctions and restrictions.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in a 2019 press conference in Tehran warned President Trump about initiating a conflict with Iran thru Israel. Earlier this year President Trump threatened to bomb Iranian cultural sights. Several months ago a medical clinic near Tehran and several nuclear missile complexes were bombed heightening suspicion that Israel and the US might be orchestrating these incidents. 

US legislators attempted to pass a similar bill in 2015 after the Iran Nuclear Deal was negotiated. At that time there were concerns the MOP sale would violate the nuclear accord. Concern whether Israel had the sufficient aircraft system to deliver the bunker-buster bombs was also raised. A by-partisan bill allowing the Department of Defense (DoD) to sale Massive Ordinance Penetrator (MOP) bombs to Israel brings credence to the speculation that the US and Israel may be heightening tensions.  


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